Every day is Monday & 10 other tips that will set you up for successful life change

Every Day is Monday

My husband always teases me that my brain never seems to shut down. I always seem to be thinking about something – either consciously or unconsciously. Certainly that’s been true over the last few weeks as I’ve been spending time vacationing with my family. And the topic that has been foremost in my thoughts has been – you guessed it – life change.

Change is such a funny thing. Over the last number of months I finally realized how many years I spent actually resisting major life change. Change seemed like work – a lot of it – and I didn’t feel ready for that. All I could think about was the fact that I didn’t have the time to add in one more thing  (and a big thing at that) to my already hectic schedule. And…things were working….sort ofwell enough…according to my way of thinking anyways.

When I finally accepted the fact that I could no longer keep going the way I was, all of a sudden I was in an all-fired hurry to change…everything….all at once. But where to start?… 

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